2017 Programme

empowered women networking



08:30 – Registration

09:00 – Welcome to More Than Rubies 2017

09:15 – Keynotes

Living your purpose - lighting the fire that won't burn out, with Shiffy Lal

The word I respect most... it's grit, with Lana West

10:00 – Morning tea


10:15 – Workshop 1  

Feeling empowered through healthy boundaries, with Karishma Gill

Build and achieve your strategy, with Jill Griggs

Dream big – learn 3 keys to accelerate your success, with Vicky Renouf


11:30 – Workshop 2

Love my life, love my money, with Yvonne Morrison

The best career is where you get paid for being yourself, with Annie Romanos

Key strategies to help you to put your big girl pants on and thrive in business, with Susan Handisides


12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Mystery Session


14:30 – Workshop 3

Overcoming anxiety, stress and depression, with Camilla Watson

KILLING IT: a girl's guide to kicking ass in her career and life, with Kate Taylor

Tools to structure your business so you can live your dream lifestyle and be a mum, with Wendy Jasper


15:30 – Afternoon tea

15:50 – Keynote

Dreams become reality at the edge of the comfort zone, with June McClintock

16:30 – Closing thoughts