'Women are of more value than jewels'.

More Than Rubies is a movement for women who want to improve their professional, entrepreneurial

and personal lives. We empower women by equipping them with the practical and professional skills they need to

achieve their dreams. 

Last year, More Than Rubies 'Light a Fire' took place on 1st July 2017 at Massey University and was a huge

success. We motivated and inspired women from Wellington and beyond, helping them set goals to take the next

step in their personal, professional and entrepreneurial journeys. This year we are proud to bring

you Fearless. Check out video below and find out more about Fearless here.

If you’d like more information about More Than Rubies, you can email us at

contactus@more-than-rubies.org or join our mailing list for news and upcoming events. You can also check out

our previous conference programmes and photos.



See what we got up to at More Than Rubies 2017 

'Light a Fire'

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