More Than Rubies Team



sHIFFY LAL - mORE tHAN rUBIES Founder & DIRECTOR OF m.a.d skillS 

Shiffy is a business-nerd who believes the best way to take over the world is to change it for the better. Shiffy believes in living her faith out loud which inspires her to reach people through practical means. Shiffy is the Founder and Director of M.A.D Skills, a social enterprise that exists to make a difference. Launching More Than Rubies as a part of M.A.D Skills, with the help of the 'starry cluster' - a band of incredibly talented and passionate volunteers, has enabled Shiffy to act on her mission to empower women. You can find out more about Shiffy and the More Than Rubies story here.



I’m an introverted extrovert, or could it be an extroverted introvert…? Either way, I’m a lover of balancing the yin and yang of life as an engager of people, a collaborative leader and coach, a team player and keen yogi and sportswoman.  A connector by nature, I am a confident, effective communicator who is passionate about people, leadership, and connecting the two through the fun and magic medium of events. I’m a strong believer in ‘being the change you want to see in this world’ and to that effect, I have recently moved back to my hometown of Christchurch, to be a positive contributor to the regeneration of Christchurch.

Felicity Clarke - More Than Rubies Event Organiser

Felicity loves social occasions and the idea of getting people together to share ideas, enjoy each other’s company and create memories is her idea of bliss. She believes that the more women can empower each other through education and inspiration, the closer we can get to equality and greater well-being.

Felicity has led a successful career in sales over the last ten years in both the UK and Wellington. She has been working on the More Than Rubies Team since its inception and is already getting ready for next year’s conference!